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How to build this 5 question Quiz with Custom WP Ninjas‘ Easy Quiz WP Exam Testing (Pro Version).

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1. After installing, click “Easy Quiz WP Exam” then “Add New”

2. Title your quiz, ensure ‘Enabled’ is selected, choose ‘percent’ (all questions worth the same) or ‘Weight Based’ (you choose the question weighting), enter how much you are charging to access this quiz, if you are charging and finally choose a passing grade.

3. Add your Questions (Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Short Answer and Essay) and set the ‘correct’ answers and weights.

4. Insert the shortcode: into the body of the portion of your site you want the quiz to appear in.

5. There are more setting on PRO to work with.

I changed the Number of Questions to display per page setting to 2, to show you how multi-page quizzes work, and if you are charging for quizzes, enter your paypal email here (that’s all it takes to set up paypal, the rest is automatic). You can change the rest of the settings as per your application.

6. To grade quizzes (Fill in the Blank, Short and Essay Answer), go to the Grade Quizzes page and click the Pencil beside the Quiz you want to grade.

7. To check scores or send out PDF Certificates, go to the Quizzes page and click the little guy under “Scores”. Beside it are Edit and Delete.

8. To create a Certificate, click “Generate Certificate”. A PDF will automatically download using the settings in the next step.

9. You can customize the PDF Certificate your users will receive.

 10.This is what your PDF Certificate will look like!

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