Charging for Quizzes with Easy Quiz Pro

Accepting payments for quizzes is easy with Custom WP Ninjas‘ Easy Quiz WP Exam Testing (Pro Version Only). You can set separate pricing for each quiz, or set free quizzes.

1. For each quiz, set a price by editing the quiz (or during creation). a “0” value will make a free quiz.

2. Here’s what your users will see. Clicking the Pay Now Button will lead to a secure checkout page.

3. The checkout page will give users the option to log in with their Paypal, or pay without an account (by credit card).

4. Pay Now!

5. Confirmation. The student can click (red arrow) to go back to your site from here. If they close everything now, next item they access the site, the quiz will be accessible.

6. Upon clicking return to site, the user will be presented with this redirect page, where they will be able to access the quiz.

Questions? Payments not working? Email or call 1 866 264 6527. We’ll get you up and running quickly!